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Happy Downtime!
So the servers have been mostly broken for the past few days. I don't know why, no response from the hosting place. I don't think they're dead forever yet, but we'll see!
Posted on: 2nd January 2016, 06:34:54 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Server has been back up for a while now. In related news, the Java IRC client on this site works once again.
Posted on: 23rd June 2008, 10:31:48 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Downtime ;-;
Server is down, fiber is cut, no ETA. You'll know things are fixed when you can connect again!
Posted on: 22nd June 2008, 23:22:53 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Router Issues
At the current point in time the network is down. Earlier today I received the following email from my host:

Dear Customers,

As of about 10 minutes ago we began experiencing critical issues with our core router in Los Angeles:

As of this moment, the RS8000 router is running outdated firmware. Last night we had a tech put a new flash card in it so we could perform an upgrade today, but for some reason the router crashed when we tried to query the new card.

This is a very serious issue that could potentially take hours to resolve. I will post any updates here as they become available.

I am deeply sorry for this and other recent issues we have been experiencing.

There is currently no ETA for the return of the server. If I hear anything else I will update this post.
Posted on: 14th April 2005, 12:13:35 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Ice Server Update
It seems that the company which was hosting the Ice server has shut down, which means that UplinkCorp is down to one server until further notice. We have managed to repair most of the damage caused by the loss of the Ice server, but there are a couple of minor things you should note:
The Server generated channel stats are suspended until further notice.
The Usage stats page has not been generated since the Ice server first went down (Feb 14th) and will be out of date until further notice.

We are currently looking at our options regarding a replacement server, and we'll let you know once we have something concrete.
Posted on: 26th March 2004, 22:06:24 CST Posted by: Icepick

More Ice/Services Updates
Currently the news is that foonet has been shutdown by the FBI. There has been no reason why or any further elaboration on that point. Because of this, I have decided to take services out of read only mode on wolf, and all changes made will now be saved. The state of the ice server is still unknown.
Please note that at this time you may not be able to sign up new channels for stats. This will be corrected at some point in the near future.
Posted on: 15th February 2004, 15:43:21 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Ice/Services Update
The current news about foonet states that it has stopped doing dedicated server hosting. If this is true, it may be a bigger issue than was previously thought. I have not yet heard from my shell provider, so I do not know what their plan is. At the present time I plan to keep the services in READ ONLY mode until I get more information from my host, at which time I will re-evaluate the state of the services. Thank you for your patience during this time.
Posted on: 15th February 2004, 01:31:30 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Ice/Services Issues
Apparently Foonet had a cut line, and as such, the Ice server (which holds services as well) lost access to the internet. At this time, services are up in READ ONLY mode, which means no changes made will be saved back to the database.
There is no ETA on when they will return.

Also, at some point in the near future, we will undergo a server upgrade to Unreal3.2-RC1. More information as it is received.
Posted on: 14th February 2004, 17:03:05 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Services Return
At 23:37 CST yesterday (shortly before my deadline) the Ice/services server came back online. I am curently implementing changes so I will be better able to handle a situation like this in the future, but lets all hope we don't run into this again.
Things should be back to normal now. Thanks for using UplinkCorp IRC!
Posted on: 24th January 2004, 01:15:18 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Services Downtime
As you may be aware, both the Ice server and services have been down since around 2 AM CST yesterday. The hosting company (Sharpnet) has informed me that foonet (the company that hosts THEIR servers) has come under new management, and has terminated all overdue accounts. Sharpnet apparently had prior arrangements to pay off a debt to foonet, but the new management didn't honor this, and terminated the account. As of yesterday, a check was made for the owed amount and is expected to clear sometime this afternoon (American time).
In the event that the server is not back by midnight CST tonight, I will be forced to shuffle some configuration information around and restore services from a day old backup on the Wolf server. If I do this, servers will return in READ ONLY mode, meaning they won't keep changes, but will let everyone identify to their nicks and channels. The reason I have not done this already is I had never planned for this much downtime, so nothing was in place. This will be corrected if services return tonight or not.
Finally, I am very sorry about the downtime here, I'm just as frustrated and angry as everyone else. If I learn anything more, I will post an update here.
Posted on: 23rd January 2004, 13:52:20 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Channel Stats
After much hard work and testing, UplinkCorp now offers its users a new service! (Yay).

You can now sign up your channel to have channel statistics generated once a day. The channel will be logged by the server, and everything else is done automatically, all you need to do is sign up your channel! Once you've signed up, you can go to the options page and change the options for your channel, so you can configure the stats to be generated how you want them.

All the info you should need is listed here, but if you have any other questions, feel free to email, or join #Uplinkcorp and ask there.

As a side note, I'm sure most of you are aware of the new mIRC DCC exploit going around. Measures have been taken on the server to prevent this exploit from working, and opers will be automatically notified of anyone attempting it.
Posted on: 13th October 2003, 19:52:44 CST Posted by: Icepick

Fun with the FBI
The wolf server was down for a day or two because the box it was hosted on was seized by the FBI. At this time I don't know why, and possibly I will never know, but it seems to be back up now. I haven't yet re-added it to the round-robin on but you can manually connect to it with In the event I hear anything, I'll add it into this post.
Posted on: 22nd August 2003, 14:49:26 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Server Downtime
The ice server was down for about an hour today due to its host rebooting a router that didn't come right back up. We were not informed this would be taking place. During this time wolf was up but seemed to not be accepting connections on standard ports so it was restarted.
Posted on: 30th July 2003, 22:52:40 CST Posted by: WolfLord

Well, as you may (or may not) notice, we are no longer using phpnuke. This is a custom made content management system, built by our very own Icepick. The plan is to use this system to announce any major updates or events on the network itself, so we'll see how it goes. Please note we have forums, so feel free to post anything on your mind.
Posted on: 7th July 2003, 20:36:57 CST Posted by: WolfLord

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